I purchased this Heathkit DX-20 from the Shelby, NC, hamfest for $20.00. It was a true "barn" radio; the chassis topside was covered in dust and insect poop.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take any "before" pictures so you will just have to accept my word that is was in rough shape.

Heathkit introduced the DX-20 in 1957 as a replacement for the Heathkit AT-1 transmitter. It uses a 6DQ6 output tube with 50 watts input, will put out around 28 watts on 40 meters. Complete details can be found at this Website: http://www.heathkit-museum.com/ham/hvmdx-20.shtml

Since restoring the rig, I have had a number of enjoyable QSO's on 40 meters. Several fellow hams have told me they either built and/or used a DX-20 as one of their first rigs. Most hams had an enjoyable story to tell about their using this rig. If you have a story to tell about your DX-20, drop me an Email (good Email address located on QRZ.com Website). I would like to post personal testimonials to this DX-20 Webpage.


Basically, I disassembled the transmitter, cleaned all the parts, and reassembled it using the construction manual. The transmitter had defective electrolytic capacitors, a bad output and oscillator tube, and a cracked and shorted output loading capacitor. I was able to locate a replacement capacitor from a fellow restorer.

The picture of the left is a front view of the restoration.



Here is the rear of the cabinet. I find replacing all the hardware with new adds much to how a finished restoration looks. I replaced the power cord with a modern 3-prong cord.

After much cleaning, the rig cleaned up nicely. There are several blemishes that are etched into the aluminum. Fortunately, both the meter and the power transformer still worked.
Here is view of the bottom. The new electrolytic capacitors are quite smaller than the originals. Really not much underneath to one of these early CW rigs!!

Thank you for your interest in my restoration, 73's, Jim, W4BRX