A Major Aging Problem with the Royal 500H

Due to their age, many Royal 500H radios have developed (or will develop) hairline breaks in their PC circuit board foil(s). The Royal 500H PC board houses sub-miniature sized components. The copper foil traces are very narrow and thin. The copper foil traces are covered with a green protective paint to keep them from tarnishing. The phenolic base material has become unstable through the years. As a result, often the thin copper PC lands will develop hairline breaks so narrow that they are not visible-even under a magnifying glass!! Without going onto all the trouble shooting details, these foil breaks are often very hard to find, particularly when there are multiple breaks.

Once a Royal 500H has had one or more breaks repaired, it is almost certain that more foil breaks will occur in the future. Because of the almost certainty that future breaks will occur, I cannot guarantee these repairs.