Here is an illustrated build log of the Italian Corel model of the H.M.S. Unicorn.
Construction was begun in Early October, 2015.

Here is picture of the kit as it arrived, about 5 pounds of parts, wood strips, and plans.

Here is a picture of what you see when the box is opened for the first time.

This is a picture of the first framing with the bulwarks in place. The Titebond wood glue is so strong that the wood will break before a joint.

Bulwarks in place.First planking almost completed.

First planking is completed. Lower gunport openings have been cut in place.

The lower deck planking has been finished. Each deck is individually planked with a specific planking pattern using 80mm, 40mm and 20mm strips.Around a hundred strips are required for each deck.

The upper deck has been installed and the deck floor planking is underway..

The second deck planking completed. Ready to begin lower hull walnut wood planking.

Top deck structure completed. Fixtures will be installed later.

Start of the final walnut 5mm planking strips

Another view of the walnut wood second planking underway.

Side view of finished planking

Rear view of finished walnut planking

Rear view of cabin features that are now installed.

Another view of cabin features

Here is a top view of the bow detail.

A view of the bow from the left side. It required about two days to complete this assembly.

A top view of all the deck fixtures mounted except rope stantions.

A close-up view of the deck stantions in place.

A forward view of the fore deck fixtures

A Rear view of the aft deck fixtures. Now work will begin of all hull exterior fixtures.

Here is view of the aft channels installed. The next step is to attach the dead eye bolt fasteners to hull.

This is a side view of all three channels in place.

Bowsprit now in place.

Preliminary Mast Setting

I was able to contruct and set all 3 masts within a 2-week period.

Another view of the completed masts. Now begins the rigging.
This ship model has almost no painting. Coloring is accomplished with the different wood varieties.

All 38 lower shroud lines have been measured and put in place.
Once all the yard arms are made, the shrouds will be attached using the deadeyes.

Here is a picture of the completed yard arms and boom. Basically, all the wood working is now complete. Now begins the ship's standing rigging beginning the all the shrouds and ratlines.

All the lower shrouds have been have been laced to the deadeyes. Now the upper shroud rigging will be the next construction.

Here is a rear view picture of the completed black standing rigging lines.

This is a frontal view of some of the completed black standing rigging.

Here is a picture of the completed standing rigging including the shrouds and ratlines. Next all the yard arms will be mounted and the beige standing rigging will be installed.

Here is a sideview of the Unicorn with all the yard arms installed. Standing rigging, which is considerable, is all that remains to complete the ship mode..


Here is another photo of the completed standing rigging and all the yard arms.

Here is a front view of the completed ship model
The ship was completed on September 25, 2016

Here is another photo of the completed ship model from an overhead perspective

Here is a rear view of the completed ship model

Here is another photo of the completed ship showing the left side.

Here is a front view of the completed ship model showing the right side view.