3rd Rate Arrogant Class 74 Gun Ship

Here are a number pictures of the H.M.S. Vanguard ship model. Construction was begun in October, 2010.
Build time for the ship model was 2 years and 8 months.

Here is picture of the kit as it arrived, about 13 pounds of parts, wood strips, and plans.

Here is a manufacturer's picture of some of the many of the parts layed out upon the plan set.
That's enough to keep a person busy for a while!!

This is a picture of the first framing. The industrial laser cut plywood pieces help insure a good frame alignment. The Titebond wood glue is so strong that the wood will break before a joint.

Below deck gun backing strips are being installed. This gives the attachment face for the lower-level cannons.

Lower level cannon planking strips are installed and painted black along with the inner bulwarks, which are painted with "bulwark red".

The lower deck planking has been finished. Each deck is individually planked with a specific planking pattern using 80mm, 40mm and 20mm strips. Several hundred are required for each deck.

The beginning of the first hull planking with laser cut upper deck strips with pre-cut cannon port openings. This is nice feature that insures all the gun ports will be in the right place.

Finished first planking of the hull.The hull was planked with 1mm x 5mm strips. Now begins sanding for smoothness for the second, finished layer of dark walnut planking.

All the sanding was been done and now time for the dark walnut 2nd hull planking. At this point, I let the hull "rest" of several weeks to see if any cracking appears that needs to be dealt with.

A view of the upper deck, gratings, and fixtures before the second walnut hull planking is started.

I was able to locate a wood fabricator that was able to mill 1mm by 5mm matched walnut planking. Here is view of the second walnut planking over half completed.

Here is top view of the completed  hull.

The last strip of the dark walnut second planking is now in place. The second planking strips each overlay the first planking in a slightly different pattern. This helps prevent hull cracking that could possibly occur several years later.

A view of the the upper deck furniture now in place.

Tying a running rigging line!!

Upper deck fixtures now in place. Much of this area will be hidden once the poop deck is installled.

A view of midships before life boat installation.

Life boat construction is finished and and the boats have been installed mid-ships. Each life boat was constructed with the plank and frame system just like the ship.

Here is a second view of the life boat detail.

Here is view of the bow. The little blue round fixtures are the forward latreens.

Here is a view of all the completed yard arms and anchors before the mounting.

Here is kind of a busy picture but it does show all the masts and yards mounted in place. All black standing rigging complete—now begins the natural color running rigging.

Here is a close-up shot of the main mast fixed rigging.

Here is low, close-up of bow area showing the dark walnut planking.

Here is a close-up, side view of the stern area.

Close-up of the ship's stern. A rudder safety chain was essential. If a ship lost its rudder, it would be  un-steerable and adrift.

Here is a bow view of the completed ship.

Here is a stern view of the completed ship.

Here is the side view of the completed ship. The only thing left is the building of the permanent display stand. The ship was begun in October, 2010 and finished in June, 2013
The overall dimensions of the ship model are 4 feet long and 3 feet tall.