Ham Radios For Sale

All Ham Equipment is available for local pickup or from a reasonble driving distance from Sumter, SC . The shipping/packing charges at the local UPS store are just too costly.

Kenwood TS-820s

Here is a nice Kenwood TS-820s that is in very nice cosmetic and functional condition. Includes a reprinted copy of the manual.
Asking price is $300 .

Here is the matching remote VFO unit for the Kenwood TS-820s
Price is $95.

Here is the matching speaker for the Kenwood TS-820s
Please note that there a scratch on the top of the cabinet
Price is $55.


Here is nice restored SB-101 that was recapped 2 years ago. The transceiver is in good cosmetic shape and very clean.
Price is $200.

Here is a nice Heathkit SB-601 functioning monitor scope. The monitor scope was completely recapped a year ago. It includes a good reprint copy of the manual
Price is $125.00


Here is a nice Drake TR-4 that has the important fan mod as well as having been recapped with one of Hayseed Hamfest exact replacement capacitors. The chassis copper shows some aging.
Price is $225.


Here is a nice functional Drake TR-3. The chassis copper shows moderate aging. Also, the top of the cabinet has been repainted at some point and one of the knobs is incorrect. Correct knobs appear often for sale on Ebay. The radio offers a cheaper price of own a piece vintage Drake gear.
Price is $125.



Here is a beautiful set of Heathkit equipment. The SB -301 is fully functional and has been recapped The receiver is in exceptional condition for its age. The price is $175. The Heathkit SB-401 is the matching transmitter which also is in amazing condtion for its age. There is a original manual for the transmitter. The tranmitter has the desired separate crystal pack; however, it works quite well with the SB-301 as a transceiver pair. (a set of interconnect cables is included.) The price is $175.. Also, available is the matching SB-600 speaker. The speaker is in good shape; however, there is one small hole in the top.The price is $45.


Here is a nice functional Drake T4-XB Transmitter. The chassis copper is in outstanding condition for its age. Also, the transmitter has the important cooling fan mod. I have used the transmitter on 40 meters quite ofter. The transmitter ships with a manual reprint. If you are building up a "B" line, this tranmitter is an excellent choice. Price is $175.


Thank you for your interest.