Useful Transistor Website Links

Here are several Internet sites that are excellent sources of additional information for Zenith Radio Enthusiasts.

Please email notification of any defective links.          Also, please email additional links that may be of interest.

Regency TR-1 Transistor Radio InformationThis Website Provides Good Historical Information about the TR-1
Radio Daze Radio Daze sells tubes and many excellent restoration parts for antique tube radios--friendly and helpful service
The Inflation Calculator Lots of fun to translate old radio prices into today's equivalent $$$$
Smithsonian Transistor Prototype PagesVery interesting pages showing Texas Instrument Prototype transistor
Garys RadiosGary Ball's Website is devoted to good information about transistor radio collecting as well as offering some nice radios for sale
PBS Transistor History PagesSome serious transistory history located here!!
Toms Radio RepairAntique Radio Repairs - All Makes Tube and Transistor
Aldo Andreani's WebsiteThis site offers a tremendous amount of information about transistors, transistor history, and transistors radios, and much more, along with many links to other useful Website sites
Vintage Radios This site offers free classified ads, forums, photo gallery, blogs, articles, and more....
Transistor MuseumJack Ward's Wonderful Site Featuring many great articles about early transistor history, including additional information from Ray Andrejasich, a former Zenith design engineer.