Miscellaneous Zenith Transistor Radios

During the mid-sixties, a number of Japanese manufacturers introduced "micro" sized transistor radios, the Standard Micronic Ruby being one of the best known. Zenith introduced the Royal 20 in 1966 as its entry into the "micro" radio market. The Royal 20 is an 8 transistor radio that was manufactured in Hong Kong. This is one of the few Zenith radios that uses specialty batteries rather than penlight cells. The Royal 20 is an amazingly strong player for its size. Batteries Plus sells the batteries, but they cost $6.00 for a set of two.


Here is a photograph of one the Royal 59 radios in my collection. This radio looks indentical to a later version of the Royal 50 but I don't know when this radio was introduced. The radio operates on 2 "AA" cells.


Here are a front and back picture of the Zenith Royal 85. I don't when this radio was introduced. The radio back has a sticker promoting the savings by the radio operating on regular pen-lite cells.


I have included shots of the Royal 35, which was made in Hong Kong after 1965. Even though this is obviously a low cost radio, Zenith included a 4" speaker which gives the radio a reasonable sound. The tuning capacitor looks like a leftover from other series of radios. In keeping with Zenith tradition, the radio uses a large tuning knob rather than the more expensive vernier tuning.

There are a number of Zenith Radios on which I would like to have information such as the Royal 11, 16, Royal 32, and others. I would appreciate anyone who could share information any post 1965 information with me to include on this Website for readers to enjoy.