Useful Print Transistor Radio Resources

Listed below are several books that are excellent sources of information of the history of transistor radios, various transistor radios, Zenith transistor radios, and the Zenith Transoceanics.

This book offers the reader an excellent overview of the most popular Zenith radio models. There is valuable information on specific chassis designations and upgrades through the years. The author is Norman R. Smith; published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 0-7643-0015-6
Sam's Transistor Service Manuals (or TSM's) are essential books for servicing transistor radios. Volumes 1-15 will give the service information for most popular Zenith radios. For a comprehensive service library, one needs volumes 1-100. These TSM manuals are found frequently on Ebay. The books are still published and copyright protected.
The book is an interesting study of the portable radio from the earliest days of radio through the sixties. This book is a treasure-trove of good historical information. The author is Michael Brian Smith; the book was published by the University of Arizona press. The book was copyrighted in 1991.

ISBN: 0-8165-1284-1
This book authored by Norman Smith and copyrighted in 1998, provides an overview of American, Japanese, and European transistor radios. The book is filled with bright, crystal clear radio photographs. "Coffee Table" quality. The book is published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

ISBN: 0-7643-0660-X
This book, co-authored by John H. Bryant, AIA, and Harold H. Cones, Ph.D. is a definitive resource book on the development of the Transoceanics and the various tube and transistor models. The book is an excellent source of information on the transistor models. This book is published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 0-88740-708-0
For those of us who used to listen of Rock and Roll on transistor radios, this book offers an encyclopedia of all the early artists. The author is Norm N. Nite. The book was published by Harper & Row, Publishers; copyright 1974. This book can be found occasionally on used books.

ISBN: 0-06-181642-6

Here is classic and well illustrated book about the 50's Doo Wop groups. I found this book at Barnes and Nobles. Certainly, most of the early Zenith radios played their fair share of Doo Wop music!! This book is great resource for Zenith radio enthusiasts who also enjoy the 50's music history.

This book is authored by "Cousin Brucie" Morrow. It is published by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. Copyrighted 2007.

ISBN: 10: 1-4027-4276-2