Radio Repair Charges and Business Philosophy


What I Can Repair

There are a number of extremely rare transistor radios that are worth more in value with all original parts and not playing, compared to being repaired and playing. I do not service these radios. Also, I do not accept for repair the "micro" style miniature radios; the circuit boards are too small and fragile.

Repair Charges

My repair fee is a flat $32 for the shirt pocket Zenith radios including the Royal 500 series. This fee includes up to 4 electrolytic capacitors. All other parts are extra. For the "lunch-box" Zenith radios such as the Royal 710, 750, 755, 880 etc., the basic fee is $42 plus return postage. The basic service fee for the Royal 2000 series is $55, plus return postage. I will repair the Royal 500H with only a 30 day repair guarantee due a problem caused by aging which affects the fragile printed circuit board. Click here for a detailed explanation.


The volume controls used in the Royal 500, Royal 500D, and Royal 500E are only available from parts radios. This lack of availability has become a problem. I have a very limited supply of good volume controls for these models. Unfortunately, the charge for a volume control is $19.95. This reflects my cost of finding old radios with a useable volume control.

For unserviceable radios a $15 diagnostic fee plus return shipping charges apply.

I no longer service the Royal 1000, 3000, and 7000 Transoceanic series radios. To properly repair these radios had become too time consuming and I have exhausted my supply of OEM parts. A very common problem in the Royal 1000 and 3000 series is the failure of the RF/IF transistors. These transistors develop internal shorts. Click here for more information regarding this alarming problem.

I no longer service the small Royal 50 series radios. Click here for more information.

What Can and Can’t Be Fixed
Most transistor radios can be restored to playing condition by replacing defective transistors and electrolytic capacitors, repairing bad solder joints, and resolving corrosion/oxidation problems. However, transistor radios with defective oscillator coils, IF transformers, interstage/output transformers, open volume controls or speakers, are very difficult, if not impossible, to fix without the availability of an additional “parts” radio chassis. It is common to find previous repair attempts where parts were "snipped" out and the new parts "tack soldered in place". When I repair a radio, I completely replace the defective part(s). The proper test equipment (signal generator, frequency counter, and oscilloscope) are used to realign your radio as required. With the earlier Zenith transistor radios, some will end up playing better than others because of quality variations in 50 year old components. The later 500-E and the 500-H models are much more consistent performers. Please read the special information about transistorized Zenith Transoceanic radios.

Zenith Radio Cosmetics

Please click here to view the important page that discusses what can and can't be done about restoring the cosmetic condition of most Zenith radios.


Business Ethics

I charge a fair price for parts and shipping charges are always actual costs.

For those who have not used my services, here are a number of testimonials from customers.

100% customer satisfaction is always our goal. All repaired radios are given a final check just before packing. If for some reason radio should arrive DOA, contact me immediately and I will make it right. However, please don’t wait weeks to contact me because something else could easily fail in these 50+ year old radios.

**** Shipping ****

Shipping charges are always my actual cost.

I will gladly ship your radio by FedEx, UPS, or the USPS. These are the shippers available to me. I recommend insurance for full value of your radio(s) only because it doesn't cost that much more. However, in reading postings to the antique radio newsgroups over the last years, I have learned that both customers and sellers have had MAJOR problems in trying to collect for damaged and lost shipments. To collect from any shipper is a major undertaking, many times unsuccessful in the end. I say all this to let you know there is an inherent loss/damage risk in shipping antique radios.

I will pack your radio as carefully as I can. Once shipped, I cannot be responsible for shipping losses or damages.