Useful Zenith Transistor Radio Schematic Diagrams

Sometime ago, I was able to download a number of Zenith transistor radio schematics from a Website that had Beitman schematics in the .djvu format. I have converted the schematics to the more popular Adobe .pdf format. Therefore, to view the schematics you will need to have the Adobe® Reader. This is a free download at There are approximately 40 Beitman Zenith transistor radio schematics available here for your use.

This is just a portion of the many Zenith transistor radio schematics. The "Gold Standard" for service information is the Sams TSM© (transistor service manuals) series. Since they are still under copyright protection, they cannot be posted. However, the Sams TSM series can be found frequently on Ebay©. If you want to look on Ebay for a manual, here is a Sams index of the most popular Zenith models.

After repairing hundreds of Zenith radios, I have found consistent and frequent problem areas. This page of useful repair tips lists these common problem areas for those wanting to service the Royal 500 series and other Zenith transistor radios.


Royal 40-50K-60  Royal 500E
Royal 50  Royal 500H
Royal 50L Royal 500H-1
Royal 59  Royal 500L
Royal 80 Royal 645L
Royal 90-125  Royal 650
Royal 100 Royal 675
Royal 150 Royal 700L
Royal 180 Royal 705M
Royal 200 Royal 710
Royal 265-645-670  Royal 710M
Royal 270  Royal 750L
Royal 275  Royal 755
Royal 285/500E1  Royal 755M
Royal 300  Royal 760
Royal 400 Royal 800
Royal 450  Royal 850
Royal 475  Royal 900
Royal 490  Royal 950
Royal 500-black dot series  Royal 1000
Royal 500 7XT40, 7XT40Z1, 7XT40Z2  Transoceanic R3000
( )
Royal 500D   Transoceanic R7000-1
( )