Here are some comments from customers regarding my sales and service.

The 500H arrived today and sounds great! Thanks, Spence Jim: The 500 arrived today...What a great sounding Radio..It is my fourth one and by far the best sounding one. I really appreciate the fast shipping also...Will keep in touch.....Eric
I received the radios yesterday in excellent condition. Everything was just as you advertised and a Great value in my opinion. Thank you, and I will monitor your site regularly. Chris James, the radio arrived with no damage in transit.Thank you for the fast shipping and a nice purchase at reasonable price. Jim
Jim, I received the radio and it works great. If I aquire another Zenith Royal 500 I will keep you in mind for service. Thanks for the very prompt service. Lou Jim- It arrived 3 days ago & sounds great!! Thank you! The 3rd "plaid' w/ recharger & case is on it's way to me now. I forgot if it needs a tune-up or not. If it does---- would you fix it & I'll do Paypal again???? Thank you-Jimbo
The radio is in fine shape and sounds very good. Its way too wide to be a DXer but it sure sounds sweet. I can certainly recommend Jim Barnard for any transistor radio repairs you have. The price is decent and the work is quality. You canít ask for more than that. If you have an old Zenith kicking about that needs repairs, you now have a place to go. Check out his website. Kevin Jim, The Royal 790 arived today in excellent condition! Thanks for the extra care in packing it for shipping! I've been looking for one of these ever since I saw one at my Dad's office when I was a child. He was the Warranty Service Manager for a Zenith Radio & TV Distributor in north Louisiana. He let me listen to it after he had finished repairing the "bad job" one of his service techs had done to it. I was hooked! Now, I have one of my very own! Again, thanks! Steve
JIM, I RECEIVED THE RADIO TODAY. IT WORKS GREAT. THANKS FOR THE QUICK TURN AROUND. I WILL DEFINITELY USE YOUR SERVICES AGAIN. HAVE A GREAT DAY. RICH Jim: The heathkit gr-24 came this morning. It plays just great. Cool beans! That rf stage and double tuned if transformer really make the difference. 73, Bill
The radio arrived safely today Ė a great job on the repair, Iím listening to it as I type this email. Can you also repair another Zenith 500 for me? Once again, thanks for an excellent repair, Best Wishes, Tim Hi Jim! Radio arrived in great shape. Sounds like new! Thanks again and happy 2008! all the best! Dan

The Royal 300 arrived in yesterday's mail! Excellent condition, excellent radio! Thanks! Thanks again!! Stephen

Jim, The radio arrived in good condition. Thank you for selling this to me and for the fast shipping. Have a great day. Rich
Dear Jim, What a star! Iím pleased you got it sorted out. . By the way, are you able to repair the Zenith 50 and Zenith 250 transistor radios. If not, do you know who can? Thanks again for your sterling efforts, Tim Jim, Recieved royal 90, nice zenith for the price to add to my collection. Best Regards, Jim
Hi Jim, I just got the radio in the mail. Wow! Thanks so much for reconditioning this beautiful unit! Would you be able to do a couple more for me?
Regardless, thanks again for your great work and service! I couldn't be happier. Cheers, Robert
Hi Jim Barnard I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased I am with my Zenith 500 H you repaired for me.It has opend up a new whole world for me with its amazing sensitivity and good sound.It is so sensitive that I am amazed at the stations it pick up.Many in Canada,San Antonio Texas, Mexico, etc.Again thank you so much for being able to relieve the 60's again.It is or more sensitive then my Panssonic RF2200 double hetrodyne radio.Take care.
Jim: Recieved Royal 300, and plays well, very satisfied with your repair. Do you repair other transistor brands other than Zenith? Regards, Jim I just returned home form Indianapolis late yesterday, and I got the radio you returned in A-OK condition. It works just fine, and looks a whole lot better! Thanks for everything you have done! I do appreciate everything. If you need extra money for any parts you replace, let me know. Larry
Hi Jim, My maroon 500 made it back home today, and it sounds great! Once again, thanks for doing such a great job and turning it around so fast.
Thanks again, Robert
I received the Royal 500H in the mail on Wednesday, and I read your note. The radio looks fantastic,
Hi Jim, I received the radio today and it works beautifully. Thank you so much for replacing the capacitors as well.
I'm thrilled to have my radio working and ready to take on the next, let's hope, 50 years or so. Warmest regards, Catherine
Jim: I got the transistors today - thanks. They both are nice and quiet compared to the original "noisy" one. -Craig
Jim, Good news! I do have the presentaion case, carry case, earpiece and paper tags. Does that increase the value at all? Wow!
Do you know the definition of "Swooft"? That is something that is 10000 times faster than swift and that you are! Thanks, Bob
I received the Zenith Royal 500D in today's mail, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear it play as well as it does. I want to thank you for your service in taking care of it for me, you really did a fantastic job. Thanks too, for the card you sent along.

Jim, Recieved royal 90, nice zenith for the price to add to my collection. Best Regards, Jim

Jim: I received the Zenith Royal 500E in Wednesday's mail, and it works absolutely perfect! thank you for a great job! Larry
Received the Zenith today. I love it! Great shape, beautiful design--I'm hooked. Best wishes Thom Hi Jim! The radio arrived yesterday! What a nice job especially the grille. The unit will probably outlive the both of us!thanks again! Dan
It shows. The responsiveness of my (Heathkit) GR-43A is amazing! BR, Terry I'm a former Zenith employee who worked in the color television group from 1975-1983. Today, I collect Zenith radios including transistor radios, TOs, consoles, and wooden and plastic table radios. Although I don't live in Oklahoma anymore, I was also one of the founders of the Tulsa antique radio club www.hlara.org and built their website. Your site is wonderful, and I really enjoyed seeing your collection of Zenith transistor radios, which overlaps my collection in many areas. However, you radios look much better than mine - probably due to your skills in repairing and restoring the cabinets. Just wanted to let you know that it's a wonderful site. William
Hi Jim: Just wanted you to know that the radio you repaired for me 3 to 4 years ago is still working great.I brought it to are radio club meeting here in Minneapolis 3 years ago N.A. R. C. (Northland Antique Radio Club) and everyone wanted to know about you and your great service.I use it almost everyday and in November the batteries will have been in there 2 years.The president of the radio club said I should give a update on your repair service.Take care. Jim