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Make Social Proof the Star in Your Online Ad Campaigns in 2023

What YOU say about you matters. But want to know what matters more? What OTHERS say about you.

And in today’s virtual world, consumers are sharing their thoughts and opinions on your brand and products on a larger, more significant scale than ever before. But they aren’t stopping there. Consumers are also validating their purchases based on the behavior and opinions of others.

So how can your brand benefit from this “social proof” phenomenon when creating campaigns and marketing strategies? Lets dive in.

But first, What Is Social Proof?
Social proof is a psychological concept that says people tend to copy what others do when they are not sure of themselves. It is closely related to the idea of herd mentality.

83 percent of consumers read reviews as part of their decision-making process. Consumers want to see how many others use a product or service and what they think before choosing a brand.

Another tool in the social proof asset collection? Testimonials.

You will often see testimonials on websites and on social media pages encouraging consumers to engage with the brand based on their experience with it. It is the same concept that has led millions of brands world-wide to hire social media influencers to share their products.

While social proof can be put to work in a lot of ways, many may not realize that it can also work through online ads. While ads are one way to increase brand awareness, it’s not always easy to make an impression. That is where social proof comes in! Social proof can be the secret ingredient to making your ads stand out.

Here are some tools you can use in your social proof toolbelt!

First, The FOMO Approach
FOMO is what makes social proof such a compelling option in marketing.
You can apply that same FOMO logic to your online ads by adding an element of exclusivity or frenzy for your products. For example, you might display how many people bought your product in the last month, week, or even day.

Next, Influence Them with Endorsements and Testimonials

Regardless of your personal feelings about social media influencers, we are all “influenced” every day by family, friends and YES even that influencer who got you to try that miracle growth shampoo last year.

Endorsements from others, especially a well-known individual like a celebrity, can have enormous impact. When it comes to endorsements, the key is balance and authenticity.

Too much feels insincere or fake. Something as simple as a quote from an influencer stating they use the product is enough social proof for most potential buyers. Just make sure to choose someone that makes sense for your audience. A boy band member endorsing a lawnmower won’t work unless they fit into your target generation.

It’s not all about celebrities and influencers though. Don’t rule out everyday customers when it comes to valuable testimonials.

Next up, Put UGC to Use
UGC stands for user-generated content. It provides potential buyers with one of the more potent forms of social proof. UGC means using something someone said about your brand as a form of advertisement – with their permission, of course.

Hold up, don’t get UGC mixed up with testimonials or endorsements. The big difference is that UGC is unsolicited!

UGC can be something someone told you about your product or service, something they tagged you in on social media or even an award you received.
Don’t forget about customer logos
If you have endorsements you can use their logo to make the ad stand out. For example, if your product got a mention in Good Housekeeping or works with brands like Amazon or eBay, you can place their logo at the bottom of the ad without mentioning them in the content.
Now let’s talk about the Best Ways to Use Social Proof in Online Ads specifically.
When it comes to online ads, you need to remember that space is limited. Most online ads have character limits and as we all know it can be difficult to fit an endorsement into 30 characters.

The key is to know what part of the endorsement will hit home while selecting the most impactful visual to accompany it.
Finally, know the channel.
Different platforms have different purposes, audiences and overall genres. Make sure you take this into consideration. LinkedIn for example caters to businesses and business professionals. Ads with data will make an impact on them while a more sentimental UGC review might be passed by easily.

However, on Instagram, you’ll want to focus on influencer and UGC content. It has a more casual feel and is frequented by celebrities.

If you want to learn more about how Social Proof can get to work for your brand or what other opportunities are available in your market contact us today and schedule a 30-minute strategy session for FREE.

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This video is presented by Chelsey Pendock, Advertising Strategist and Managing Partner of Innovision Advertising. Chelsey is an award-winning media planner with expertise in both traditional and digital media.

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What is Digital Advertising? | A Beginner’s Explanation of Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is a BIG part of many business’ digital marketing strategies.

But what is it?

Simply put, it’s an online advertising strategy fueled by data that can reach consumers wherever they are in the buying funnel.

Digital advertising gets your ads served to the right people, and does it with whatever budget you set.

There’s so much to learn about just the basics of digital advertising, and WebFX’s Alex tells you everything you need to know to get started.

Want to learn more? Check out our digital advertising handbook to get the ins and outs of digital advertising:

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Digital Advertising Archives Learn the ropes of digital advertising for effective and successful execution. Make Social Proof the Star in Your Online Ad Campaigns in 2023 What YOU say about you matters. But want to know what matters more? What OTHERS say about you. And in today’s virtual world, consumers are sharing their thoughts…