Getting Started With Google Shopping’s Free Product Listings

Getting Started With Google Shopping's Free Product Listings

In this guide, you'll find everything you need to know about free product listings from Google Shopping and how to put them to work for you.

��Google Shopping is now FREE! Setup Free traffic to your product listings!��

��BREAKING NEWS! Google Shopping is now FREE!��

One of the largest sites in the world could be sending you free traffic to your product listings to help you make sales online!

This could be a very interesting move to see how Google reclaims some of the internet’s key ‘shopping behavior’ against other shopping marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay to name but a few.

The below resources will get you going in the right direction! Best of luck!

Let us know when you make some sales from this FREE traffic on Google!

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How to Setup the Merchant Center for Free Google Shopping Ads:

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How to list your Products on Google Shopping Tab for free | Add Products to Google Merchant Central

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Guess in this video we will see how you can list your product on Google friends when you searching any products on Google you find a shopping Tab on Google friends in this video I am so you how you can add your products on this shopping tab and get organic traffic from this tab friends in this video we will see Google merchant centre and how you can add products on Google merchant Centre this video I am also showing you how you can create your Google merchant Centre account and products to Google.


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Get more clicks on Google Shopping free listings with the Trusted Store Badge

How to get more clicks on Google Shopping free listings? Learn how you can get more clicks on Google Shopping for your products by securing this Trusted Store Badge that has been rolled out by Google to reward store owners, who have been providing excellent shipping and returns services to their customers. If you are doing well in those two areas, then you are most likely to get a badge for it. And that means that you will be able to see an indicator against your products that get more clicks on your free listings in Google Shopping. Also learn how to get this badge and how to know whether you have earned this badge.

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00:00 Get more clicks on Google Shopping Free Listings with the trusted store badge
01:24 What is the Trusted Store Badge?
02:01 What is the purpose of the Trusted Store Badge?
02:51 Why is the Trusted Store Badge important for online store owners?
03:55 How do you sign up to get the Trusted Store Badge?
04:18 How do you earn the Trusted Store Badge?
06:26 How to know if you have earned the Trusted Store Badge?

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How to Enable Google Merchant Center Programs

In this video, you’re going to learn how to enable Google Merchant Center programs and why you need to utilize them.

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Currently, there are 9 programs in Google Merchant Center. You don’t have to enable all of them. But if you see them fit for your marketing objectives, then setting them up is going to help you achieve your goals.

Here are the 9 Google Merchant Center Programs that I will be going through in this video:

1. Free Product Listings
This program is available to US merchants only. This Google Merchant Center program allows eligible retailers to add their product listing on the Google Shopping tab at no cost to them.

2. Google Shopping Ads
This program helps you generate more traffic to your Ecom website, allows you to be more targeted with your traffic, and gives you more control to scale.

3. Dynamic Remarketing
This program is best used if you want to run retargeting ads for website visitors who have already interacted with your store and have made some important actions like adding a product to their cart.

4. Google Merchant Center Customer Reviews
Google Customer Reviews is a free service that allows you to collect valuable feedback from customers who’ve made a purchase on your store.

5. Free Local Product Listings
By enabling the Free Local Product Listings integration, your in-store products will appear in free listings across different Google properties, such as Google Maps, Google Images, Google Search, Google Shopping tab, and Google Lens.

6. Local Inventory Ads
This program allows you to showcase your products and store information to nearby shoppers searching with Google.

7. Promotions
When you enable this program and add it to your products, shoppers will see a “”special offer”” link. For example, free shipping or 10% off.

8. Product Ratings
Product ratings are the star 1 to 5-star ratings that you see on some shopping ads and free listings.

9. Market Insights
This Google Merchant Center program provides exclusive access to valuable data that can help you make better business decisions. By enabling this integration, you will get access to best-selling products in your niche as well as the most competitive product price points for your industry.

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0:07 Access Google Merchant Center Programs
0:19 Free Product Listings
0:55 Google Shopping Ads
1:36 Dynamic Remarketing
1:59 Customer Reviews
2:29 Free Local Product Listings
2:44 Local Inventory Ads
2:57 Promotions
3:19 Product Ratings
3:40 Market Insights

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Getting Started With Google Shopping's Free Product Listings In this guide, you'll find everything you need to know about free product listings from Google Shopping and how to put them to work for you. ��Google Shopping is now FREE! Setup Free traffic to your product listings!�� ��BREAKING NEWS! Google Shopping is now FREE!�� One of…